Appetites and Vices by Felicia Grossman


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Appetites & Vices

The Truitts Book 1

He’s her ticket into high society…

Banking heiress Ursula Nunes has lived her life on the fringes of Philadelphia’s upper class. Her Jewish heritage means she’s never quite been welcomed by society’s elite…and her quick temper has never helped, either.

A faux engagement to the scion of the mid-Atlantic’s most storied family might work to repair her rumpled reputation and gain her entrée to the life she thinks she wants…if she can ignore the way her “betrothed” makes her feel warm all over and stay focused on her goal.

She’s his ticket out…

Former libertine John Thaddeus “Jay” Truitt is hardly the man to teach innocent women about propriety. Luckily, high society has little to do with being proper and everything to do with identifying your foe’s temptation—an art form Jay mastered long ago. A broken engagement will give him the perfect excuse to run off to Europe and a life of indulgence.

But when the game turns too personal, all bets are off…

Praise for Appetites & Vices

Amazon Review

I loved this delightful, thoughtful historical romance! APPETITES & VICES is the story of Ursula and Jay, as they navigate an upper-class Philadelphia society that is hostile toward each of them for different reasons. Ursula, because she’s Jewish and outspoken like her late mother, and Jay because he has a reputation as a spoiled playboy. When these two strike a deal to get what they want, sparks fly, past mistakes are confronted, and everything goes awry in the best ways.

Goodreads Review

Appetites and Vices is a love story about how two people come together and unexpectedly bring out the best in each other, each using their strengths to make the other stronger. It’s a story that uses the strength of its characters (Especially Ursula who is know one of my all-time favorite heroines!) to show how standing up for yourself and seeking truth to save others can break down any barriers set in front of you. I strongly recommend this book! I can’t wait to read the next book by Felicia Grossman!

Goodreads Review

This is an incredibly strong romance between two flawed, real and utterly delightful characters. Better yet, it’s got that one thing which can be ridiculously elusive in historical romances; it’s got diversity. Ursula, the heroine, is Jewish, full-figured, and definitely on the autism spectrum. In 1848 Philadelphia society, however, she comes across as unbearably brash and friendless except for Hugo, an awkward, bookish type she hopes to marry purely to avoid ending up alone. 

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