head shot 3Hello! Welcome! Greetings! Shalom! Bonjour! Guttentag! (and all other greetings you see at the end of “It’s a Small World”).  As one can probably guess, I’m a writer. A historical romance writer (because that’s “…what you do with a B.A. in English.”)

A Delaware native, I like to write characters from the mid-Atlantic part of the U.S. As a complete theater and opera nerd, I’m particularly drawn to stories centered around those art forms.

I’m an RWA member and a contest junky. As you can see below, I sometimes even WIN!

My debut novel, APPETITES AND VICES, is coming soon with Carina Press, i.e. February 2019 (“Sex, drugs, and Meyerbeer,” so lots of Victorian fun).winner_Unpub_Histor MEhearts through historyOrange rose


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